KY-6 Trigon Aerial Photography Drone

Airborne Mechatronics KY-6 Aerial Photography Drone

KY-6 Trigon Aerial Photography Drone

Aerial Photography Drone KY-6 Trigon is a favorite among photographers as the compact design allows for easy travel and front facing camera ensures nothing gets in the way of the shot.

The concept got built around the camera. Naturally it would have a gimbal, but hanging it below the copter would add too much mass and since using the yaw of the copter for the 3rd axis was fulfilling the purpose anyway. Mounting it in the front though, created a balance issue as the low mass of the copter was tilted heavily to the front. The solution was to create a adjustable battery mount to have the ability to counter balance the camera in a way which would cope with different cameras better than a static mount.
Y6 configuration is an economic and compact solution, as less motors equals a lower cost range while still reciving the safety benefits of the redundant motors and less mass than a similar x8 would. The frame is lmade of 2mm in thickness CF plates. The whole setup can be easily packed in backpack

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KY6 Aerial Photography Drone disassembled

The need came to build the Trigon was requested by a customer who emphasized a focus on mobility. The earlier version was a bit rougher around the edges . Initally the Trigon didn’t have the curved hood on top, but had a flat roof for the battery. The electronics were relocated in order to have easier access, so the the battery which used to be on top moved below which in turn needed a cover from external conditions.

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KY-6 Trigon Detachable booms

The booms can be switched with alternative motor/prop combinations for different flight parameters. Setting up takes only a couple of minutes at best, just connect the booms and the landing gear, after that mount the battery and you’re ready to take off. It’s a economic, stable, easy to maintain, but nevertheless a very capable platform for anyone serious about aerial photography. The Trigon can be purchased here.

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