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by Airborne Mechatronics
KX4 Interceptor Multi Purpose DroneKX4 Interceptor Multi Purpose Droneby Airborne Mechatronics

KX-4 Interceptor Multi Purpose Drone RTF

The KX-4 Interceptor is a professional multi purpose drone for photography, reconnaissance, surveillance, industrial & agricultural monitoring or search and rescue operations. The chosen materials, components, design, payload capability and electronics surpass any consumer drone on the market.
This efficient platform can perform flights for more than 30 minutes depending on the mass of the payload. The custom camera-gimbal system is a defining feature of this multi-rotor. It provides infra-red spectrum camera paired with 30x optical zoom.
Scan your surroundings with infra-red camera, zoom through great distances for closer inspection, maintain visual contact with areas of interest for an extended period, operate over large distances, autonomous flight operations and much more. Contact us for pricing or custom fitting or read about the development process here.

  • Designed as a multi-purpose aircraft
  • 50 minutes flight time
  • Perfect CoG thanks to the heavy battery placement in the centre
  • 2-axis gimbal for AP or inspections
  • Multi-spectral camera ready
  • Switchable booms
  • Easy maintenance
  • Battery connector integrated
  • Battery protected
  • Multiple motor type configuration availability thanks to detachable booms
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Additional Information


1x 22Ah Tattu Gens Ace


T-Motor Air 40A

Flight Controller

Threod Systems AutoPilot


T-Motor 5208 340kv


T-Motor CF 18×6.1”


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